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Get Away To Grafton

Mar 21, 2019

On this month’s episode of Get Away to Grafton, we share hidden and popular gems in our own backyard for thrift shopping and bargain hunting deals. Join us as we hear from our friends at Deez Dealz, Family Sharing of Ozaukee County, and Goodwill of Grafton and Southeastern Wisconsin. Our friends can tell you how to get great deals on things like toiletries, clothing, Coach Purses, and so much more!


First up is Shannon of Deez Dealz. Dealz Deelz just celebrated their one year anniversary in Grafton, and we are so excited to have them in our community. Deez Dealz is full of amazing deals because of liquidation sales or auctions for bulk items that they attend. You can find virtually anything in their store from toilet paper to Coach Purses! Be sure to stop in during their business hours and check out their rotating inventory. For more information about Deez Dealz, please follow them on their Facebook page, @deezdealzllc


Our next guest is Julie Hoover of Family Sharing of Ozaukee County. Julie shares with us a wealth of knowledge behind the concept of Family Sharing, ways to donate to keep their store full of great items for you to choose from, and when is the best time to come in for great deals and discounts on all kinds of hot items. You’ll be amazed how large their location is from the images on their Facebook and Instagram accounts! Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find out when their “color sales” are! @familysharing


Finally, for those of you who love shopping for great steals and deals at Goodwill, you’re in luck! Our friends, Cheryl Lighthouser and Gabrielle Walters of Goodwill Grafton and Goodwill of Southeastern Wisconsin, join us in the studio to tell us about their weekly and monthly discounts offered to patrons, why Goodwill is the perfect outfitter for Halloween costumes, and so much more. Stay up to date on everything Goodwill by following them on their social media platforms @Goodwill


For more information about places to get the best deals in and around Grafton, please visit us at Be sure to “Like” and follow us on our Facebook pages, @graftonchamberofcommerce, @visitgraftonwi, and @celebrategrafton